Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drunk women, Dive joints and Warm beer

I went out last night.  Like out out, ya know, for funsies?  We ended up at a local haunt that I've been to dozens of times over the years.  The first night I ever went in there, there was a wire run above the bar for the women to leave their bras.  I didn't leave mine that night (or any other night as a matter of fact).  That particular place as evolved over the years and last night was quite the eye opening experience.

I never realized that this particular bar became the place to go if you are looking for threesomes or random, alternative fun.  I was with a small mixed crew and we were all just hanging out getting to know one another. There was a particular woman in the bar who was impressively drunk, I have to say though, I believe her behavior wouldn't have been much different if she were stone sober.  She was bouncing all over the bar, being obnoxious, doing various lewd things...basically doing anything and everything for attention.  Her "boyfriend" (assuming that's what he was) was by the bar watching and occasionally running over to smooth over a really rough spot.  At some point in the evening she took a shine to us.  Later on one of my male friends stepped away from the table and adjusted the rings he had on...he's a biker and slightly large and quiet.

On an average night random drunk women would simply be obnoxious, but in this particular circumstance folks around us were not just obnoxious, they were prowling.  Now, lemme 'splain the folks I had with me.  There were two beautiful women one blond, one brunette (who's done a bit of modelling), a fellow my age that is quite fit and ruggedly good looking, my biker friend who's a doll in his own right, and another fellow who was your average next door kinda man.  As a crowd we were good looking and approachable, we were just folks hanging out, being grown folks, having drinks and laughs. On my first trip to the ladies room I ran into the obnoxious lady...she wasn't shy in the bathroom.  A little while later she was picking on the young blond woman who was with us...this led into some dancing that got a bit too physical and ultimately ole gal got an earful.

Around the end of the night, while we were still fighting off the advances from Madam Obnoxious, another young woman walked up with tears in her eyes....I don't know if it was a "let your guard down" technique or if she was generally a bit pained over something.  She tried to pick up one of my guy friends, he turned her down as soon as he saw the wedding ring and heard the words, "that's my husband over there".  Not his bag.  She quickly moved on to my brunette female friend, turned down once an effort to keep hubby happy she made her way around to the same blond who'd been Madam Obnoxious' rag doll an hour earlier.  At this point we left in a trail of cigarette smoke and at-the-door pleas to stay and hang out.

When did swinging and picking folks up become such a blatant, in your face thing?  I know it's always existed and that's just how some folks do....but to work an entire table of people who clearly are not interested?  I found out later, my brunette friend actually gave Madam Obnoxious a sound lecture on doing things to please her man of the moment instead of finding a fellow who was worth her time.  She flat out told the woman that she was far too pretty for and better than such behavior at her age in public.  I have to agree.  She had to be in her 40's, she claimed at one point almost 50, but I'm pretty sure that was a tactic to get some "oh no way! you look soooo good!!!".  I almost turned around and gave the other young woman a similar lecture, she was far too naive to be attempting such a thing and not very bright.  You don't tell folks you've never met that you have a 3 year old and that you want them to come home with you and your mate...that's how children go missing and you end up with syphilis.

There was a level of stupidity that I don't think I've ever encountered.  Is this our new norm?  I understand progressive, or doing things to make your mate happy, or even experimentation to see what you like.  I don't necessarily agree with some of it, but I understand it.  What I don't understand are the methods or the logic involved.  Call it a generation gap or maybe just that I've figured some things out, but I really don't remember being that flat out ignorant or clueless as to what the world offered.

I can say this though, it was a fun, eventful, odd, crazy, eye opening night!!!


  1. If you would have brought me I would have scared them away from all you pretties, lol. just kidding, glad you had a great time.

  2. Oh honey, they weren't after me (thank Goddes!) They were after my crew. :-D