Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Have and to Hold...

In the light of the lovely Jason Aldean's recent, most unfortunate scandal, I am going to take this time to highlight some of the more famous love triangles and scandals.  Hope you enjoy!!!

We start with the Man in Black.  We know him. We love him.  He was a legend.  He not only cheated on his wife with several groupies, but had a romantic hangup with June Carter for many years. Vivian and John were married for 12 years, she divorced him in 1966.  Four years later he married the true object of his affection, June Carter. 


Next up is the lovely and talented Garth Brooks.  He became a legend in the 90's, hits flew off the shelves and he carried on an affair with Trisha Yearwood.  They vehemently deny they had an affair, whether they did or didn' was in the news.  He did divorce his wife, and he did marry ole Trisha-girl not long after.  I'm just saying....if it walks like a duck...quacks like a get the idea.
The lovely LeAnn Rimes. She and Eddie Cibrian did have an affair, they did each divorce and then married one another. She has even said in interviews that she was sad that people got hurt, but she didn't regret the outcome. At least they both stood up and and had the sack to say, "hey! I love this other person!!". Honestly, I have to say, I sort of admire them for having that courage.

Kenny Rogers was caught up in a fabulous phone sex scandal.  He totally set up a 1-800 line so he could have all the "safe" sex fun he could.  Of course it ended up biting him in the butt because the women later tried to sue him, saying he coerced them into it.  Yeah right.  Honey, he was probably paying well and you didn't have an ounce of fluid exchange.  Some folks are so ungrateful. 

Between Tanya Tucker and George Jones, you can safely bet they've been married to or shacked up with most celebrities in the business.  The Possum was married 4 times.  Ms. Tucker has been linked to several men, finally cancelling her wedding day with Jerry Laseter because she was pregnant with her third child and didn't want to walk down the aisle pregnant in her wedding dress.  Ms. Tammy Wynette is another serial marry-er, she and Kenny have both racked up 5 spouses each. 
These are just the fun ones that I snatched out of the news.  I'm not condoning any kind of bad behavior.  I will say it's human nature.  Sometimes you can't love the one you're with.  Sometimes the one you love is out there and you didn't realize it at first.  And sometimes, you just dig getting married, hey weddings are fun!  At least the receptions are, if you're doing them right....If the sanctity of marriage was so sanctimonious...we wouldn't have domestic violence, divorce or polygamy.  Folks would either wait and make sure, or fight for it once they dive in. 

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